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Hallmark Education and IT Group is a pioneer in education and craftsmanship development for the nontraditional student, having served general and adult students with specialized programs for over fifteen years.

Hallmark through our subsidiaries offers various courses and trainings, talent and skills development courses, IT short courses for office administrators and programs specifically designed to meet the needs of our adult learners who are eager to build and be as competitive

With courses available evenings and weekends, as well as online, you can take classes when and where it’s convenient for you THE HALLMARK WAY.

Hallmark is an international institution group and you will feel free to express your views in a safe and respectful learning environment with professional guides.

Hallmark Group is leading the way in global sustainability through education and skills development programs that will give every individual the ability to make wise and definitive decisions that will have great positive impact on their lives.

Integrating moral and characteristics learning from humanity perspective

This is what sets HALLMARK GROUP apart—the “HALLMARK Difference”—and promises you the potential of a truly transformative educational and IT DEVELOPMENT experience.

Hallmark Group and Subsidiaries presently offers:

HALLMARK MYE-BOOK our digital book publishing platform

HALLMARK BOOKS BUY AND SELL ONLINE our conventional book publishing and distribution platform

HALLMARK MANPOWER AND SKILLS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM our human resource development program designed to build and develop the talents of tomorrow.

HALLMARK SONGKHLA WRITERS & ARTIST MEMBERSHIP CLUB our Young and Inspiring talents development program where we are developing the writers/author and creator of the future

HALLMARK COMPUTER AND MOBILE TECHNOLOGY our technological advancement sector where we are entering into the global mobile technology market

HALLMARK EXQUISITE COFFEE AND CAFÉ our beverage and nourishment sector through which we serve and feed the tasty needs of the society

HALLMARK HOUSING AND REAL ESTATE our involvement in developing and providing shelter to the world which is the most important need on humankind

Hallmark GROUP KENYA OFFICE AND SCHOOL is our African gateway as we drive to be part of affordable development and new era on infrastructural and educational reach

HALLMARK BUSINESS AND MEDIA LINK CONNECT our global connectivity link through which our business partners and associate can reach out to their international partners and customers

HALLMARK ASEAN COMMUNITY BUSINESS FORUM our asean integration and corporation unit from where we are reaching and developing understanding of the ASEAN EMERGIN MARKET AND CULTURE particularly THAILAND PERSPECTIVE, Doing business in ASEAN RIGIONAL GROUPING MARKET YOU MUST UNDERSTAND THE BUSINESS AND BEHAVORIAL CULTURES that we have been the bridge helping to close the gap

HALLMARK THAILAND ASEAN EDUCATION TOURISN AND EXPEDITION our avenue and channel to foster and develop the much needed tourism market through education and expedition activities inviting many educational communities around the world to come and explore and enjoy the abundant natural resources that are yet tapped



Hallmark Education and IT Group

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